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Get Some Entertainment

The word itself has been derived from the old French word ‘entretenir’ which means hold together or support. If the function or purpose of entertainment is analyzed then it clearly supports mankind and brings people together. If taken an example, a professional football match which usually draws the attention of million of people is a medium where people are brought together with a common motive as like supporting one of the football teams playing and if that football team wins then people enjoy together. The supporting aspect states that entertainment serves as a major way of relaxation for a person after a hard time working in his profession. A person coming back home after his regular job, sits on his couch and watches a tv show or movie is a way of supporting his well being as it provides him relaxation which is necessary for leading a healthy and productive life.

 Evolution- going hand to hand with the evolution of the human beings, entertainment too has evolved to meet the demands of the generations. From theatre to multiplex and from operas to rock concerts. It has changed time to time but the motive to support and provide a way of relaxation to a person remained the same. One of the earliest forms might be the dramas which were played in the king’s courtroom which were in the industrial revolution shifted to theatres and made available for general public as well. Dramas were then converted to films and shows and skits which resulted them being more mobile and flexible for general public.


Sports also evolved from time to entertain people, the Greeks and Romans use to hire gladiators for extreme sports during ancient time and currently such sports are given a bit more ethical shape but keeping the same arousal and excitement level. Sports as of today are both played and spectated with a view of entertainment, Sports like Football, Basketball and Cricket deliver huge level of thrill to players and spectators. Moving in to the current generations, video games are also now considered to be a big way of entertaining people with simulation type games giving the users a thrill of the moment while sitting in their couch and playing.

Future- Entertainment nowadays doesn’t only serve as a purpose of stress relief but also has turned to be an industry which is worth billions and spread out in various genres. With the arrival of meta-verse and other digital modes of entertainment, a person’s entertainment is soon going to be a potential aspect of his living.